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The Presbyterian Church of Nigeria was founded by the United Presbyterian Church of Scotland missionaries led by the Rev. Hope Masterson Waddell on the invitation of King Eyo Honesty II and King Eyamba V.

The missionaries arrived in Calabar and founded the first Presbyterian church at Creek Town in 1846. From Calabar, the church began to grow. In 1858 the Presbytery of Biafra was formed. The Synod of Biafra formed in 1921…. read more

Our Mission

To carry the gospel to all parts of Nigeria and
beyond through evangelism, discipleship,
service delivery and promotion of social

Our Vision

To be a faithful witness to the great
commission and the Lordship of Jesus Christ
under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

His Eminence, Dr. Ekpenyong N. Akpanika

Prelate of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria and Moderator of  the General Assembly

Most, Rev. Dr. Miracle Ajah

Principal Clerk of The General Assembly

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Rt. Rev. Aniefiok Victor Ekop

Deputy Clerk of The General Assembly



DATE: 15th July 2024

FROM: Office of the Principal Clerk



Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

Commencing from Tuesday, 15th July 2024, the clearance exercise for collecting posting letters for PCN Ministers is underway. The collection period for these posting letters will conclude on 15th September 2024. It is important to take note that any letters not collected by the specified date will be reassigned to those on the waiting list. Enclosed herewith are the guidelines for the Online Clearance exercise, thoughtfully compiled by the Department of Information and Public Affairs (DIPA) of the General Assembly. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Signed:  Most Rev. Miracle Ajah, Ph.D.

Principal Clerk of the General Assembly

GSM: +2348060340312


  1. The Clearance Application is accessible through the Church’s website www.pcnonline.ng
  2. Only ministers that participated in the zoom training will have access to the application because only their information are in the application.
  3. Ministers who find it difficult to use the application should consult their synod/presbyteries representatives who attended the special training.
  4. The Department’s volunteer techs and facilitators are available for consultation – Rev. Daniel Ikenga Eke (07065272851), Mr. Mandor Peter Benbella (08100483318) and Rev. Nnoke Ibe (08037037563)
  5. Officers of the Department might be required to be at hand to assist the GA Office as super administrators for final clearance.
  6. Any minister who has not completed clearance with his/her Synod will not be cleared by the GA nor will such receive a posting letter.
  7. Synod Resource Ministers (SRM) who are on posting are exempted from the clearance process and they should reach out to the General Assembly for their posting letter. Before collecting the posting letters, it is mandatory for them to submit an endorsement letter from the Presbyteries to which they were attached.
  8.  EASY STEPS TO ONLINE CLEARANCE a) First confirms your financial obligations to each GA department as published by the GA Office. Make payment into the provided account. Ensure that you pay separately to each department according to the amount owed clearly stating such in the transaction description. Obtain receipts, tellers, or printouts. b) Log on to www.pcnonline.ng. c) Go to Clearance Portal and click. d) Log in with your email address and password (which was given during your online database registration). e) Change your password if you so desire. f) Go to Levy Posting, click and upload payment receipts, tellers, or printouts according to GA departments, desks, boards, etc. g) Subsequently, posting letters will be sent via PCN mail to all individuals who have been duly cleared by all the relevant departments and approved by the Principal Clerk
Department of Information and Public Affairs
General Assembly Office.
Ehere, Ogbor Hill, Aba, Abia State.
The attention of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria has been drawn to the publications in some news outlets which suggest that the newly elected Prelate and Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria insinuated that the process that brought him to that elevated position was ‘ungodly.’ This statement attributed to His Eminence Ekpenyong Akpanika was purportedly made during a press interview he granted on Monday 15th August 2022.
We are using this medium to make it clear that the Prelate never granted any press interview nor did he speak to any member of the press on the said date. We therefore wonder where that interview was held or where the Prelate might have made that embarrassing statement.
We further clarify that whatever the Prelate might have said on any other occasion should not be taken out of context. To clear any doubt, we are confident that the process that produces that leadership of the Church has always been adjudged by observers to be stringent, transparent, free and fair. In the processes of her elections, the PCN prayerfully depends on the leadership of the Holy Spirit as members and ministers of proven integrity gather to vote for their choices without inducement or any form of pressure. The election that produced His Eminence Ekpenyong Akpanika followed this same time-tested procedure.
We want to finally affirm that His Eminence has promised to continue to resist all ungodly influences and practices in the process of choosing leaders for the Church to ensure that it remains pure and guided by righteousness. According to the Prelate, elections must be devoid of ungodly, unchristian and unethical practices.
We therefore call on the general public to ignore any attempt by anybody to cast slur or aspersion on the Church or the person of the Prelate and Moderator. The Presbyterian Church will continue to show the way in conducting transparent and acceptable elections through the grace of God and showing good examples for the nation and the world to follow in the course of choosing leaders.
God bless you.
Rev. Nnoke Ibe, PhD.
Director of Information and Public Affairs,
The Presbyterian Church of Nigeria.



The other day, The 9th Prelate of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria and the Moderator of the General Assembly, His Eminence, Ekpenyong Akpanika, PhD. in company of the Deputy Clerk, Synod moderators, Political heavy Weights, Ministers of the Gospel, Natives of Ibiono and proud members of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria received the Newly built Chapel at Use Ikot Oku, the last place Mary slessor lived before going to be with the Lord.


This chapel was built, Completed, and Furnished by the Immediate Past Dean of Commissioners in Akwa Ibom State. Dr. Glory Edet. A native of Ikpe, INI LGA of Akwa Ibom State. The outspoken politician decided to Immortalize Mary Slessor in respect of her Grand Father who had lived with Mary Slessor many years ago.

This Chapel was handed over yesterday to the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria. It was received with joy by The Prelate and Moderator of the Church. The Prelate who spoke on the topic “What Would be your Legacy” also took out time to pray for the family of Dr Glory Edet, even as he prayed that as many as that would go there to pray, God will answer them.

To God Be the Glory.


Media and Publicity Unit, DIPA

For 177 years and still counting, we have been in the business of expanding God’s kingdom here on Earth. We pioneer excellence in Education, Health, Agriculture, Sports and lots more. We are… The Presbyterian Church of Nigeria founded 1846.
Today, we are here as a people to celebrate God’s Amazing grace over the church and her people. We have seen God’s hand over the Affairs of this Church since it came through the missionaries.
We are not broken and would never be. Though tongue may differ, we are one indivisible body in Christ bound together in the love of Christ and bought with his Blood.
God is taking us somewhere, we will get there. this month, we will not be limited, we will keep celebrating
177 years of glorious witness.
From a humble beginning, God is taking the PCN
Do you know: H.E, Ekpenyong Akpanika, is the 9th Prelate of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria?
Do you know: H.E, Ekpenyong Akpanika, is the first Prelate of the Church from Calabar extraction since the creation of the church in 1846?
Do you know: Upon his Emergence as the Winner of the Prelateship Election during the 25th General Assembly, Rev Dr. Ekpenyon Akpanika embarked on a Prayer Tour within the 10 Synods of the Church?
Do you know: This was the First time the Prelate and Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, ever held an Easter global Service, that was streamed Live in more than five Different Countries?
Do you know: The Prelate and other principal officers of the church did signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Presbyterian Church of Ghana?

(An Imagination with illustration)
Effiom could barely concentrate with Eke Eyo who was pricing palm oil on the river. Effiom sighted a strange ship (Warri) approaching esuk Eyamba and all his mind was on King Eyamba who was equally on the sea selling oil.
Amasi mmi. Effiom screamed; there is a strange ship coming, I thought we had stopped the selling of slaves or did you plan another surprise?
King Eyamba didn’t know what to expect, he had to get to the shure almost immediately.
Effioanwan hurriedly packed her ekpai and left, he was barely ten feet gone when Eka Nko beckon on her to slow down. Effioanwan, eka nko, I have a terrible feeling about this strange ship, did Etteubom Ntribong lie to us that Ammasi Eyamba had abolished the slave trade? Eka Nko screamed almost immediately, Wooyoooo! this is the chance for my drunk husband to sell my only son Effiong for a bottle of ufofop. Effioanwan, we will talk later let me go and hide my son.
At the palace of Eyamba. the king is wondering what that ship came for, he quickly sent for Obong Ekpe, Ettubom Ntribong, and Other Etteuboms.
At the same time, the village is already in chaos as young men and women started running for safety as the white men came out of the ship and headed for the palace. Fear, tension gripped the entire Iboku dwellers.
What could be their Mission?
Asuakak Ediama , the popular drunk had just taken the first sip from the Calabash Ette Ekpo gave him 3minutes ago, on sighting the withes approaching, he jumped up to run and broke his Calabash. He never forgave himself for manhandling himself badly and lossing precious palm wine for fear of the unknown.
Eyo Nsa, the man who had escaped slavery the other time ran to Ekpenyong and prayed for safety, poured some libation. just when he wanted to say something, the Obodom Ekpe came alive interrupting the unexpected silence of the Efik people. The sound of the Obodom was to inform the community that all is not well.
Back at the Palace of Eyamba, just before the Ettebums arrived, the whites did, and exchanged some navie greetings. difficulty in Communication was second to none, but one way or the other, the was understanding at the end.
At the arrival of the Ettebums and Mme Ada Idaga ke Efik Ebrutu. Oye bab! Ebrutu, roared King Eyamba, and each of such greetings was met with an “Iya” from the Ettebums and others at the Palace. Ojei! Ojei! Ojei! Bab Ekpe, Bab Nyankpe, Bab Iboku, Bab ofri Ekpe! Bab Ofri Efik. “Iyayooo”! the elders would later chorus at the end.
My Elders, (the king continued) Our ancestors says, when you see the toad running during the day, it’s either something is after him or he is chasing after something. I gave you this emergency call this evening cause it’s either the people you have seen here are for us or against us. but before then, Ettubom Ntribong, my Elders, our visitors… as our culture demands, I offer colanuts. (Ettebum Ntribong stood up and passed a small wooden plate round until it came back to him.
Ntribong; Amasi mmi, yak ikaiso!
King Eyamba would go on to ask why the whites came in such a number to his City after they had abolished Slave Trade.
Hope Waddel: (almost speaking through his nose, as it did sound) Great people of Africa, we have come here in respect of the letters your kings wrote us three years ago (1843). We have come to open a church here, build schools “teach you Sabi book” (in the words of king Eyamba in the letter) bring Dispensary (Hospital) and plant farms for agricultural production. we ask that you accept us as part of you. We have not come to enslave you. We have brought the light and good news to you. We also Intend to enrich you the right way, Thank you.
The was silent as the King and Elders put their heads together trying to explain among themselves what they have heard.
Akabom: Obong mmi! Itong Uwem Osong fi. Ami nkere ke mme Mbakara emmi Eda nti mkpo ediooo, I have heard church, school. I hope they have not come to steal our lands and our wife’s too?
Eyamba: Who has my letter?
Hope Waddel presented the letter. After confirmation that, that was his letter, the was a trace of smile on the king’s face.
King Eyamba ii, in company of the Elders took Hope Waddel and his co-travellers and donated lands for schools and places of worship to be built. The first church was opened at Creek Town and then Duke Town.
Essien Ukpabio became the first Convert while King Eyamba went on to become the Interpreter for the whites and his people.
“Ekpenyong” The household gods was destroyed and Sunday Market abolished. Ekpe, Ekpo and Akata became an evangelist as they became tools used in chasing people to church.
The then Church of Scotland Mission, metamorphosed into THE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF NIGERIA. Today, 177 years later, the Church is moving from Glory to Glory.
Mandor Benbella (DGN)
©️ 2023


Ekpenyong Nyong Akpanika is the 6th child out of nine children of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nyong Akpanika of Ishie Town, Calabar, in Calabar Municipality of Cross River State. He was born on the 17th of June, 1962.

He attended the following Schools, Presbyterian Primary School, Ishie Town, Calabar, Independence High School, Ukana, Ikot Ekpene, in Akwa Ibom State. Federal School of Arts & Science, Sokoto, University of Calabar, Calabar, Trinity (Union) Theological College, Umuahia, Abia State, University of Lagos, Lagos and Western Theological Seminary, Holland, Michigan, U.S.A. Rev. Akpanika holds the following degrees and certificates: Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies (B.A), Diploma in Theology, Post Graduate Diploma in Education, Master of Theology and Ph.D in Sociology of Religion with bias in Social Gerontology.

As a scholar, he has many articles and book chapters to his credit and until his election on the 15th of August 2022, he was a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Religious and Cultural Studies, University of Calabar.

As a Presbyterian Minister, he was licensed on the 7th of July, 1991 at Ishie Town PCN, by the then Calabar Presbytery and ordained a Minister of the Word and Sacrament on the 16th of August, 1992 at Apapa Presbyterian Church by the Lagos Presbytery with Synodical power. The Rev. Ekpenyong Akpanika did his probationary year at Lagos Presbyterian Church, Yaba Parish under the supervisions of Revs. Chukwu Mahi of blessed memory and then Benebo Fubara Fubara-Manuel in 1991. The Rev. Akpanika in his 31 years of ministry with the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria has pastored the following Parishes within and outside Nigeria from probationary period to date: Lagos Presbyterian Church, Yaba, Lagos as a Probationer- 1991 – 1992, Apapa Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, Lagos 1992 – 1996, Mary Slessor PCN, Port Harcourt- 1996 – 2000, Eglise Presbyterienne Du Benin, Trinity Parish, Cotonou – 2000 – 2004, the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, Owerri Parish – 2004 – 2007,The Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, Kubwa Parish 2008 – 2011. In 2011, the Church after due process seconded him to the University of Calabar, Department of Religious and Cultural Studies and at the November GAEC meeting held at Umuahia PCN, Umuahia, Abia State, the Church officially approved and endorsed the secondment of the Rev. Ekpenyong Nyong Akpanika to the University of Calabar as a Lecturer. On the 11th of March, 2011, the Rev Ekpenyong Akpanika reported to the then Northern Calabar Presbytery and as a minister on secondment he was sent to Ediba Qua Parish PCN to assist the Minister in-Charge and was received by the Northern Calabar Presbytery on the 23rd of April, 2017 at Ediba PCN at 10a.m., where he was till his election on the 15th of August, 2022. The Rev. Akpanika as a leader held the following ministerial post in the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria: Moderator–Port Harcourt Presbytery, Moderator of the Francophone Mission Presbytery (Benin & Togo Republics), Moderator-Owerri Presbytery, Pioneer Synod Clerk, Synod of the West, Synod Clerk, Calabar Synod, Moderator – Synod of the North (covering 19 States of in Northern Nigeria). At the National level, the Rev. Akpanika was the National Coordinator, Youth Desk of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, Secretary and Chairman Publication Department for six years. The Rev. Akpanika is a recipient of many awards including the best minister of the year by Huge Goldie Theological College, Arochukwu, Abia State, 2006, The M. Th. best student award of the year 2008 by Western Theological Seminary, Michigan, U.S.A and award of Excellence and Community Development by the Centre for Unity, Conflict Resolution and Development (CUCRD) in affiliation with the Department of Social Work, University of Calabar.

He is a fellow of the Society for Research and Academic Excellence, University of Nigeria. The Rev. Akpanika has 21 publications in International and local journals including book chapters with citations in google scholar. He has attended several conferences and workshops and presented papers within and outside the country. He is a member of the following academic and professional bodies: Nigerian Association for the Study of Religion (NASR), Nigerian Association for Biblical Studies (NABIS), Association of Christian Theologians (ACTS), Coalition of Societies for the Rights of Older Persons in Nigeria (COSROPIN). Gerontology Association of Nigeria (GERAN), African Association of Pastoral Studies and Counseling (AAPSC). He is the Founder of REVENA Pastoral Centre, a Centre dedicated to the Welfare of the Elderly Persons in Calabar. The Rev. Ekpenyong Nyong Akpanika is married to Elder Mrs. Arit Offiong Akpanika and the marriage is blessed with 4 adorable Children. As a hobby Rev. Akpanika loves reading, teaching, travelling, mission and helping the physically challenged.

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